EPEC Disc Launcher -Voyager

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The EPEC Disc Launcher Voyager with the EPEC Dog Disc has a 24" handle for achieving longer distances. The high quality, personally adjustable launching system makes disc throwing easy and fun. Ergonomically designed, the EPEC (Elastic Potential Energy Converted) helps reduce shoulder, elbow and wrist stress allowing disc-throwers to launch the included EPEC Dog Disc 30-60 yards comfortably.

 EPEC Dog Disc Launcher Voyager with EPEC Dog Disc:

  • Includes 8.5" diameter Dog Disc designed for use with the EPEC Disc Launcher
  • 24” Handle Length
  • Dog Disc made from FDA grade elastomeric polymer
  • Durable yet flexible for easy grip and carry
  • Disc excels in all types of weather and it floats!
  • Bright color increases visibility and helps prevent lost discs
  • Launcher features hands free loading with “Load-Launch” modes
  • Adjustable distance slider “tunes” to desired throw speed and distance
  • Includes Standard All-purpose Tuner
  • Easy to clean- just rinse off
  • Made in USA

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    EPEC Disc Launcher -Voyager
    EPEC Disc Launcher -Voyager
    EPEC Disc Launcher -Voyager
    EPEC Disc Launcher -Voyager
    EPEC Disc Launcher -Voyager

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