EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc

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With an extended soft-grip handle that allows for two-handed launching, the 'Voyager' is capable of sending your disc on a voyage.  Best for athletic-types willing to develop the right technique (a quick 'axe chop' motion), this launcher achieves unparalleled distance.

Maxed-out your tuner and still want more distance?  We recommend adding a 4-Pack of Tuner Grips.  The thicker profiles hold the disc tighter - once your swing speed overcomes that disc hug, you'll get the distance you crave. 

EPEC Voyager Launcher with EPEC 8” Disc (+ Extra Disc):

  • Launcher
    • Adjustable distance/speed tuner helps customize the launch to your swing speed.
    • Hands-free disc loading
    • Includes standard all-purpose tuner grip
    • 24" handle length with overmolded 'soft grip' 
    • Overall dimensions 29" x 11" x 2.5" 
  • EPEC 8" Disc
    • Bright green / black stamp
    • Flexible, durable, buoyant FDA-grade elastomer
    • Intended for easy launching (and fast flying!) - not chewing
  • Made in USA
EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc
EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc
EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc
EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc
EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeffrey Corbran
First attempts

fun stick. I have not mastered it. One thing I did not see and it wasnt abundantly clear. What is the proper orientation when throwing? I figured it out but it wasnt clear. I will keep trying this and even take it to a DG course to see if I can make it a whole round with a decent score. I know it isnt PDGA. Thats ok. The discs should be though. Its for fun and I am hoping it can even work with an elderly person.

Jaran Higley
Good product

Seems to be well built and hardy. I tried it out with the discs that came with it and also my regular frisbee golf discs. Seems to work well. I need to practice more with it to try and get more distance. I still throw further by back hand and forehand.

David Stockton

EPEC Voyager + Extra Disc

Chris Gillespie
Loved it before it broke

I have the smaller 5 inch disk launcher, and loved it so much I purchased the full size launcher with the extra long handled Voyager to get maximum distance. It worked great and then after the 5th day it snapped in half near the middle as I was going to throw. Maybe I wasn’t using the exact proper technique? Either way it seemed like the extra length of the voyager couldn’t handle the extra force with a full throw. I still love the other products though!

Jake Pierson

If your dog has no saliva it would work great

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