EPEC Dart Launcher

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Some like the Dart Launcher because it is light and easy to swing.  Others like the way the Dart Disc zips through the air with ease. We like how it's up for anything - stash it in your car for that trip to the beach or for a quick after-work game of fetch with your dog. 


EPEC Dart Launcher with EPEC Dart Disc:

  • Launcher
    • Adjustable distance/speed tuner helps customize the launch to your swing speed.
    • Hands-free disc loading
    • Includes standard all-purpose tuner grip
    • 19" handle length with overmolded 'soft grip' 
    • Overall dimensions 23" x 9" x 2.5" 
  • EPEC Dart Disc
    • Blaze orage / black stamp
    • Flexible, durable, buoyant FDA-grade elastomer
    • Intended for easy launching (and fast flying!) - not chewing
  • Made in USA


EPEC Dart Launcher
EPEC Dart Launcher
EPEC Dart Launcher
EPEC Dart Launcher